Looks like a tipical hummen, is 5'11. Age 20

Str=10 Dex=16 Con=14 Int=12 Wis=18 Chr=16
HP= 32 damage threshold = 14 Attk= + 15 Fort= 14 Ref= 15 Will= 16
force points= 5
  • trained skills
    initiative 9 perception 10 use the force 14
  • Talents
    force flow
  • Feats
    force sensitivity force training skill focus – use the force
  • force powers
    force stun move object x2 force slam negate energy
  • items
    lightsaber 2d8damage + str bonus

Since I was little I was always doing things others could not explain. Seeing this my parents sent me off to live with my grandfather. my grandfather know a little bit about the force took me to corusant, to meet with a Jedi at the academy. Hoping my future may be better then what he or the family could make for me. My training took many years beyond that of a normal learner. Because I coulden’t fully control my power yet. I felt the death of my grandfather; durring my training at the temple; which added with my stubbornness, made it hard to ” let go of attachment”. At the end of my training, the day before padawan learners are to take there final test a letter appeared upon my pillow saying: “The family of Tearas Have died. The Cause is still unknown. last know living family member- Darvack of the Tearas house, location unknown” a small hand written letter was attched: cause of death seems to have been cut down were they stood, by a lightsaber, no force trace left, as if all done by a saber and know powers… please contaet me at D…. the rest was ripped and missing.

I see my future open to me... I must find out who did this and why...


inner tide DoomDrinker